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I am thinking of creating a montly picture of the month vote, as voted for by you lot, so if you find a decent picture somewhere send the link to my by PM, if you thinks its a C**P :( idea say so and if you like the idea say so, send all recommendations of yours to me by PM (the link to the webpage), i'll post the first poll 1st November, winner will be made last day of each month,


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I think it's a good idea!

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Absolutely no need for it in my view!

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[QUOTE=wozza]I am thinking of creating a montly :confused:

Read this as 'picture of the mouth' at first!

W needs to get his foot mended and take it back to school.

Is W attempting a fast track to Mod. status :eek:

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To be honest mate, there isn't really any need for such a thread.

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So it's more like a competition to see which pic's the best? Very useless...

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I won't bother, it was an idea I had but if you don't want it I won't bother,
I've been back at school since Thursday actually Newforest