A bumper selection from manchester 18/10 - 56k beware lots of images!

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Great shots...thanks

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Oh man what a selection there!!!!

Why was the TK343 in??

And the Nimrod too, what a day! Fantastic mate!

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Great selection there Tony, A340 looking great.

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Great pics. Love the euromanx.

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Apparently the A343 was an upgrade! Lucky Bar Stewards, ah well 2 A330's for me on Saturday :D

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Nice selection of pictures there.

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The A343 was due to an increased freight load.....according to some guys on Manchester yahoogroup!

Yum, yum, that cookie tasted nice!! :)


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Excellent shots; even caught G-OBYE which took me to Rhodes 2 weeks ago.

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You've got to love the BA DHC-8, great shots.

I love it when people post this many pics, let it be a lesson to you all - the more pics the better the response.

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Anybody going to be around EGCC on Friday (21st) ? I'm spening the day there so it will be southside untill 12.00 then the AVP.

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nope, my last day of work experience tomorrow. Absolutely excellent shots there. What was the reg on the BY/BAL 757

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Great shots....thank goodness for braodband eh?

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Outstanding montage my friend, that new Monarch livery seems to grow on you the more times you see it