Should Helios Airways be banned in UK?

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"A Helios Airways Boeing 737-800 en route from Larnaca to Birmingham was forced to return to Larnaca Airport on Wednesday after the crew reported a technical fault warning in the cockpit" reports

This is another fault with this airline. Last week, I think, there were another 2 incidents with them. Plus the 737-300 crash.

Are they really safe, considering they have had to make 3 emergency landings at Larnaca in 2 weeks?

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Is it not just a case of 'paranoia'? Because one aircraft has gone wrong and crashed, killing everybody, they're probably taking their many technical faults that seem to be arising (all of a sudden) very seriously.

If I had an airline and the smallest technical problem arose, I would bring the aircraft back to safety, even if it could go on to its intended destination in its current state.

Maybe the airline is just being that little extra precautious to be sure that there isn't a repeat of the incident earlier in the year.

So I don't say ban them from the United Kingdom (or any other country, in fact). When they have problems like the Phuket Air 747s had, that's when to ban them.