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Heard something on the radio yesterday about Air Scotland (or possibly Scotland Air). Something about lots of tourists stuck at Glasgow and where ever in Spain, an engine problem with its one airliner with the airline being refused fuel credit due to unpaid bills, one of the former owners selling his share to the rest of the consortium only for them to find out that he had conceled the extent of the companys debts, a chartered Polish airliner flying in to cover the routes then flying out again because they had to pay for their own fuel. Little every day things.
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Clever bloke by the sounds of things, anybody know the airline who owns that Polish airliner - I suspect it to be Fischer Air Charter (or whatever their new name is).

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This was on the BBC Newswebsite. Basically Air Scotland havent been paying their bills so an aircraft was impounded. The company who were chartered in refused to fly after 1 flight as Air Scotland didnt give them any money and they operated the flight at their cost. MarkL and I had a conversation about this the other day - we think they wont be around much longer at this rate!

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I spoke to someone at BAA Edinburgh yesterday about something else and she told me she has been tied up with the Air Scotland problem all week. It seems a buyer has just been found, but we will have to wait and see what happens.

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The normal Air Scotland 757 left at 9am to Paris that morning and the Chartered Fischer Air 757 landed 20 minutes later positioning in for a flight to Alicante for Air Scotland so I expected it would leave about an hour later but it was sitting on Stand for ages.

As noone from Air Scotland could pay Fischer the flight costs so the Alicante bags were offloaded and the Fischer positioned out empty back to Warsaw at 2-50pm.

The normal Air Scotland 757 arrived back from Paris about 1230 and departed later in the day to Palma.

I was determined to get that Fischer 757 since it's a rare one, it's not often I'll wait 5 1/2 hours to shoot the one aircraft.

I had a look on Airliners and there isn't a shot of a Fischer 757 in the UK so far.

Air Scotland caught up the backlog by using a First Choice 757 early the next morning and they are runing back to schedule now, I heard the Glasgow 1120 one depart on time this morning so it looks like the new Spanish Hotel lot that took over the company have got it sorted now.