Sunday Morning At Manchester.

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Who, looking at the blue skies and bright sunshine as I type this, could imagine how grim the weather was around here this morning? :cool: Well, I could....... And then it started to rain..... And rain..... So I gave up and went home. Enjoy..... :D
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Excellent shots! I like the CO 757!
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Stunning shots Lance, love the bmi A319, shame it wasnt DBCC, logged the whole A319 fleet yesterday in about 4 hours! lol.
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Oh yes, a CO B752 with winglets! Very nice pics! :D

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Very nice shots as always Lance!
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Was hoping for a CO 75W at BHX yesterday but with no luck. Great shots as ever :)
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Great shots Lance, you can just catch TF-FII within those tails, we wont she her now, as today is last ops day for BD701 :(

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Departed as BMA9679 to Keflavik this afternoon Scott
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Great pics. Love the second BD shot. :)
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Great shots as ever Lance

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Can't belive you missed the DC-8 Greayarea?!. I was in work on Sunday (With camera) and was praying for the rain to go and the light to change. It did about half an hour before the beast landed!. I was hopeing to get a sunset shot but the sunset wasn't that good. Great shots by the way Rgds Cking