Air Canada's $6-billion order for 32 Boeing jets is back on

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Air Canada's widebody order with Boeing for the Boeing 777 and the new Boeing 787 is now back on according to this artical on the canadian CBC Website.

Here the offical press statement

Air Canada says arbitrator clears way for new Boeing talks
Last Updated Tue, 01 Nov 2005 18:02:33 EST
CBC News

Air Canada says it's won the right to resurrect a multi-billion-dollar deal to buy new planes, including Boeing's new fuel-efficient Dreamliner, the 787.

Canada's dominant airline said an arbitrator's decision has ended a dispute with its pilots that had threatened Air Canada's purchase of new Boeing jets.

In April, Air Canada had inked a tentative $6-billion order for 32 Boeing jets. But in June, Air Canada's pilots voted to reject an agreement that had been reached between the airline and the Air Canada Pilots Association, even though the association had recommended acceptance.

At that time, Air Canada cancelled the entire Boeing order.

Then, in September, Air Canada and the pilots association agreed to a binding arbitration process to "provide the airline with certainty on pilot costs."

The arbitrator, Martin Teplitsky, has now delivered a binding report that effectively upholds the terms of the June agreement between the airline and the pilots association.

"We are pleased with Mr. Teplitsky's decision which provides us with the certainty required on pilot costs relating to the acquisition of new Boeing widebody aircraft," Air Canada CEO Montie Brewer said in a release.

"With the successful resolution of this matter, we can now re-engage Boeing to conclude an agreement," he said.

Shares of Air Canada parent ACE Aviation Holdings rose $1 to $32 Tuesday.

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Yes! New aircraft for Canada! We don't have many Boeing widebodies anymore (save the 762/3).