Sukhoi's RRJ goes on sale

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Sounds like news to me, what do commercial expert types say?
MOSCOW, December 5 (RIA Novosti) - Russian national aircraft carrier Aeroflot is set to sign a contract on the purchase of 30 RRJ (Russian Regional Jet) planes for $820 million from Sukhoi Civil Aircraft, a subsidiary of the Sukhoi state holding, December 7, Aeroflot's press service said Monday. Deliveries are scheduled to begin November 2008. "RRJ planes fully meet modern and future reliability, [and] safety...demands and are designed to boost the growth and development of domestic and international networks of Russian airlines," Aeroflot said. The Russian Regional Jet is a project Sukhoi develops with large American and European aviation corporations, including Boeing, Snecma, Thales, Messier Dowty, Liebherr Aerospace, Honeywell and others. RRJ will be the first Russian plane with a high export potential. Experts expect the RRJ market to include at least 800 planes by 2023.
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