First KLM Fokker 50 New Colors

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Hi all The First KLM Cityhopper Fokker 50 (PH-LXJ )has been painted in the new Colors and it looks brilliant it is due out of the hanger today but I will not see any picture's of it until i get back from dorset.It has to be the best livery ever on the F50. PS this will be my last post until Sunday night as this weekend im going to dorset to see my grandad and nan before christmas. Fokker Fan James
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Ooooh nice!

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Good KLM. Now go do it on all your other aircraft!!

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I can imagine that KLM will eventually change to come into line with the Air France colour scheme. I think all white with subtle Air France KLM lettering in blue as they continue to integrate.
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nice colours there, she looks nice