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Hi, I am particularly interested in knowing some stuff about Public Service obligation services. Whilst reading some stuff about them I discovered that there is a limit to how many passengers per year can be carried to make that route eligible for a share of the route development fund. Does anyone have a clue about how many passengers this is, what sort of money we are talking and say a route was to carry more than its limit - would the airline have to refund the money or just not receive anymore. Say Year 2 the airline carried over the limit and Year 3 it was under what would happen then. In response to Spence_CWLs announcement of a Route Development Fund in Wales I have noticed through several sources that this has been trumpeted for a good 18 + Months - note May 2004 issue of A/W Also I'd greatly appreciate it if anyone could give me examples of PSO routes + operators anywhere, I know they exist in Ireland, but what ones are in France and elsewhere? Thanks for your help, Wozza
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