help with a British airways B747 at newcastle airport

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This year i went to the south of france on my holidays and i flew from newcastle airport to nice. My return yourney was on the 13th august on an easyjet boeing 737. When we came into land at newcastle i saw a British airways boeing 747 waiting to take off once we had landed. I was wondering if any one knew why this big bird was at newcastle? any help would be most welcome the 747 was litrelly at the very end of the taxi way and started turning on to the runway just as we hit the ground. thanks
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I believe it was a diversion from the Gate Gourmet strike earlier this year, a few UK regionals (BHX/MAN/NCL/CWL etc) recieved BA 747/777 diversions.

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Due to the big fiasco with BA and that catering company. When they went on strike there were plenty of divsersions. A 777 came to GLA, think 2x 747's and a 767 at NCL? A few at MAN and CWL also... Gaz

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NCL got 1 747, 1 767 and 1 777. Another 747 diverted in another day I think
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ask britannia, he took a photo of it...... jason
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Here's G-BNLC:

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MAN only got two or three 744's... How many in total were diverted?