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Hi All, I know Channel Express utilise JET2 aircraft to operate Royal Mail freight services at night, but does anyone know anything about these services? What routes do they operate on and at what times? Do they use specific aircraft? I guess it is dependant on which aircraft are flying where the next day. Anyone have any info? I'm really curious to know about the nightlife of these planes! Paul
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Here's the Channex mail/cargo flights as they stand, times are roughly correct HTH, Scott The 1A/1B/1C/1D is usually one of G-CELY/Z The 4E/4F is usually one of G-CELR/Y/Z or TF-ELM The 9G/9H is usually one of G-CELR/Y/Z or TF-ELM The 12A/12B is usually one of G-CELR/Y/Z or TF-ELM The others marked are definite (for the moment) EXS1A EGAA-EGNX 1920/2005 12345-- B733 EXS1B EGNX-EGAA 2100/2145 12345-- B733 EXS1C EGAA-EGNX 2250/2335 12345-- B733 EXS1D EGNX-EGAA 0115/0200 -23456- B733 EXS4E EGPH-EGNX 2305/2350 12345-- B733 EXS4F EGNX-EGPH 0050/0135 -23456- B733 EXS5G EGTE-EGNX 2310/2345 12345-- B733 G-CELW EXS5H EGNX-EGTE 0045/0125 -23456- B733 G-CELW EXS8B EGNT-EGSS 2255/2345 12345-- B733 G-CELA EXS8C EGSS-EGNT 0040/0130 -23456- B733 G-CELA EXS9G EGPH-EGSS 2105/2205 12345-- B733 EXS9H EGSS-EGPH 2310/0005 12345-- B733 EXS11L EGSS-EGPH 2115/2210 12345-- B733 G-CELP EXS11M EGPH-EGSS 2325/0025 12345-- B733 G-CELP EXS12A EGPH-EGNX 2215/2300 12345-- B733 EXS12B EGNX-EGPH 2355/0045 12345-- B733 EXS730 EGSS-EGJJ 0450/0535 ------7 B733 G-CELP EXS731P EGJJ-EGSS 0650/0735 ------7 B733 G-CELP
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All the above are Mail except the 730/731P which are newspaper flights for Higgs. I think Channex only have 6 of their own QC aircraft plus TF-ELM which is the leased Iclandic unit. None of the LBA or MAN units operate mail flights, and are now I believe purely Pax examples (eg LA Operated for quite sometime on purely LBA runs - usualy the shorter LBA-BFS-LBA-CDG-LBA-BFS-LBA routings due to it's heavier APS weight with the QC Door).