Final Flights 2005 and 2006, going, going, gone

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Just wondering what commercial aircraft types we'll see less or none of here in the UK in 2006 ?

Looking back at 2005, we have the end of Ryanair 732 op's and wasn't it 2005 that saw the end of UK registered DC-10's with the retiral of My Travel's last model ?

In 2005 I also took what I expect to be my last Bae ATP flight in the form of BA's (Loganair) last Landor liveried version before the fleet was returned to the lessor. How much longer in the UK can we expect to see Boeing 742's in action with more of them being sent to the scrapman ?

Can anyone else think of any other types we'll soon be lamenting ???

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Not long for the B742's I don't think, with European near enough got rid of them, and also Air Atlanta to replace theirs with B743/4's

Could 2006 see the end of service for Islanders/Trislanders with Rockhopper?


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DC-6...Neither Atlantic Cargo a/c have flown for nearly a year now (although apparently they have their engines run from time to time), and with the coming of the ATP-F to the fleet I sadly doubt we'll see this classic four-engined prop flying in the UK again (unless the Red Bull a/c comes to a UK airshow).

I think that there's one DHL(Swiftair) Convair 580 left in Europe - maybe its gone already. But with the rundown of the Spanish fleet and no likelihood of Atlantic's 440 flying, I think we've seen our last Convair.

How much longer for the venerable Shed in the UK? OK, so Aurigny still operates one and Emerald use them for freight, but the BAC Express examples are either layed up or sold and the Highland example(s) are operated by Portugese company Aerocondor now.

And finally, whilst I'm sure that there's still some life in the old birds, any problems at Emerald will undountedly kill off the 748 in the UK.


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It looks like the DC-3 may well outlive all of its "replacements", doesn't it?

A true classic. :)