New Airline: Birmingha European

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A proposed Jetstream 32 operator out of Birmingham

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That would be good news to get a new airline a Birmingham. Seems like they are resurecting BEA again. I presume if it does get off the ground they would maybe operate from the Eurohub/T2, as at the present time, as they are building 6 new gates there.

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Well I wish them good luck and have to agree with Jon about them most likely using T2 with the 6 new stands being built but the airport has been encouraging more airlines to use T2 when Duo collapsed and Aer Lingus moved to T1, hence KLM and AF making a move over.

Although I think FlyBE will have something to say about their use of 'BE' in their logo...;)

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A case of deja vu for some of our.... ahem.... more senior viewers, perhaps? ;)