Channel Express (Name) no more?

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Has anyone seen anything official (Press release etc) stating that as from 03 Jan 06, the Channel Express name has now dissapeared, and all operations now fall under the Jet2 banner?

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Channex no more

Nothing official announced on the Dart Group website, the guys above usually know whats happening though.


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Not heard anything official yet... and the Ops guys still answer under the Channex name!

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I nearly posted this the other day when i saw it, but couldn't be bothered at the time....

Channel Express to be rebranded as Jet2
Victoria Moores, London (30Dec05, 18:05 GMT, 164 words)

UK passenger and freight specialist Channel Express is to be rebranded, replacing its existing name with that of its sister budget carrier Jet2.

Channel Express operates Airbus A300B4s and Boeing 737-300s in Europe and the Middle East on behalf of express parcel companies, postal services, freight forwarders and other airlines. It also performs ad-hoc charter work.

But the carrier is to drop its name early in the New Year as parent company Dart Group focuses on developing its Jet2 branding.

A Jet2 spokeswoman says: “The Channel Express Air Services division of Dart Group will be rebranded to It is effectively the way forward for the company because the bulk of the business is done under the branding anyhow.”

She adds that quite a lot of cargo work is already performed using Jet2 aircraft and says that the change will “clearly” give the brand even more exposure.

But the spokeswoman says that the change does “absolutely not” mark the shut-down of Channel Express.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news

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Dart PLC website rebranding has started.
Parts trading is now 'Jet2 parts trading' and Channel Express has disappeared from the front page. A few bits to tidy up and then Channel Express will have gone.
The Freight work is now also all under Jet2
Guess they dont have much to do with the Channel any more!!!

'Dart Group PLC - History

Channel Express (Air Services) Limited changes name to Limited.'

Official announcement pasted from Dart PLC Website.

Only reference to Channel Express is now under distribution of flowers from Channel Islands by Distribution Division (Fowler Welch Coolchain)