Do you have any collections?

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I thought I would post this as I hope im not the only one to collect model aircraft. I dont any pictures but I can make a list.

Garuda Indonesia - 747
Britannia - 737 - old colours
757 x2
767 x2 - one old colurs and one TUI colurs
thomson fly - 737
Airtours - 767
JMC - A330
My travel - A330
DC -10
Jet2 - 737
Easyjet - 737
Fly BE - Dash 8
BAE - 146
Thomas Cook - 757 x2
Emirates - 777
Air 2000 - 757

and I also have 5 on order

El Al - 747
Thomson Fly - 757
Eurocypria - 737
Monarch - A321
Excel - 757

thanks :)
Heslop01 :) :) :)

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I have alot of small models from when I was younger, but the more expensive, bigger models, I only have a Thomson B752, a Thomson B763, Korean Air B777, British Airways Asia B744, MNG Cargo A300 and a Japan Airlines B767.

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I've only got seven and a half models.

United B777-200 1/500
bmi A320-200 1/500
Gulf Air A340-300 1/200
British Airways B747-400 1/200
British Airways Concorde 1/200 and 1/500
Britannia 767-300 1/200
Varig Brasil MD11 1/500 fallen into pieces

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I put photos of my collection on a very similar thread to this started by NCLRULES just after Christmas.

I'll put them on here also :). They are all plastic, except I have one Herpa KLM 777 which cant be seen in the photos, cos I forget to include it!

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Sorry lads, but there's already a similar (and huge) thread on model airliner collections in the RC and Models Forum.

No point in starting another one here.


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i have a model collection which consists of...

Whole bristish airways fleet in Landor livery
Qantas 747-300
Qantas 747-400
Qantas 767-300
Monarch A300-600
Monarch 757-200
Saudi 737-200
Aer Lingus 737-200
AirUK Leisure 737-400
Airuk Leisure 767-200
American MD11
Orion 737-200
British Caledonian DC10
Air Canada A340-500
Airbus house colours A340-600
Airbus house colours A319
American Eagle EMB145
American Eagle Saab340
Northwest Avro RJ100
Northwest CRJ200
British Midland A321
Manx BAe146-300
Lonestar Dornier 328
Continental Express ATR42
Virgin Atlantic 747-200
British Island Airways BAC1-11
Austrian MD82
Airtours MD82
Western 737-200
Britannia 737-200
Britannia 757-200
Britannia 767-200
Ryanair BAC1-11
Dan Air A300
US-Airways 737-200
Swissair BAe146-200