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Just wondering on ringway reports it says that G-BNWH is operating the last JFK - MAN service and is off to gatwick tomorrow for a re-fit, the new 767-300 will be arriving at 21:45 not sure where from probably Gatwick, so is G-BNWH coming back to do the MAN - JFK or do we have a new 763, and another thing i thing BA should put a 772 on the route. ive heard it has good loads.


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'NH is going to be dusked, so another 76 is coming up from LHR. No 777 im afraid

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BA1502/1503 does have good loads but not sufficient C class passengers to warrant 777 operations. I'm still trying to work out the justification for going to 3 classes when they've consistently denied that there is sufficient premium passengers in the MAN catchment area. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end for BA's regional long-haul operations (such as they are!).

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BA's regional long haul operation you mean ;)

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BNWH currently scheduled to return to MAN post refit

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NWH left MAN today at 09:00 and has been replaced by NWO.
The weather was C*** and it left to early to get any fairwell shots!!
I hope it come back, I owe that aircraft a lot!!!

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