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Does anyone know why you have to pay 3 times the amount of taxes and air fares with Ryanair than you do with Easyjet? I recently booked a flight for 6 people to Grenoble and had to pay £30 taxes and airport fees per person. The same flight with easyjet has taxes and airport fees charged at £10. This means a saving flying with easyjet of more than £100 even though the actual price of the flights is more than Ryanair. Is Ryanair profiting from all these extra fees which include "wheelchair levy" for all passengers disabled or not? In fact the wheelchair levy alone is nearly the same amount of all the taxes and fees on an Easyjet flight. I would like to know why Ryanair claims to be 50% cheaper than Easyjet when indeed charges are a lot more in a lot of cases.

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easyJet absorbs the excess costs into their fares. Thats why their before tax fares are not 1p!!

Plus if you buy more than 1 set of flights at one time you save on the £10 each journey and so pay less taxes!