AAIB report on 747 emergency at Heathrow in 2004

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The AAIB have finally released the report into a 747 emergency landing at Heathrow from 2004.

I actually saw the 747 over London when this happened and aways did wonder what was going on, you don't usually see a 747 doing aerial aerobatics over Canary Wharf :eek:

Love this quote:

The investigation team recognised both the professionalism demonstrated by the NATS personnel and the skill of the crew of N481EV, in particular the commander’s hand flying of the aircraft, all of which contributed to a safe landing under such difficult circumstances. However, there was no guidance on the gliding performance of the aircraft within the Operations Manual and the commander had to resort to vigorous ‘S-Turn’ manoeuvres on final approach to manage the aircraft’s energy profile. This would not have been practicable in cloudy or poor visibility weather conditions

Thats one brave pilot!

Check out his flight plan on page 9 of the report !


The BBC have a story on it but make out that it only happened recently!!!


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Croydon Airport ????????????

It's interesting to note that the flight track plot published by AAIB on Page 9 of their report appears to shows he passed over "Croydon Airport" :confused: .

Are AAIB relying on maps that are really that out of date :eek: or do they know something we don't about the location of the much debated new runway to handle the growing air traffic levels forecast for London and the S. East :diablo: :rolleyes:

(Or perhaps Redhill airfield just been moved about fifteen miles North East and renamed - I can't see it from my office here on 7th floor of LGW South Terminal, so who knows :) )

On a more serious note the report does beg many "What If..?" Questions - and suggests that London came worryingly close to the much feared "big one"?

Paul F