Future orders for the CRJ 900 ???

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Hey all, Think the CRJ 900 will be able to win any substantial new orders in the future? I believe this is the break down of the operators so far.... Mesa-45 Styrian Spirit-1 (on order) Lufthansa-12 (on order) Air Nostrum- 1 in operation.. (On order ?) I understand that the numbers may be slightly higher as technically the CRJ-705 used by Air Canada Jazz is a -900 series but with 75 seats. But do you think that Bombardier will be successful at winning substantial orders against a very successful lined offered by Embraer??
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The CRJ900 is a dead duck. Any growth in the 70+ seat market will be with the Embraer E-series or the Bombardier C-series (if it ever sees the light of day). Bombardier wasted time stretching their CRJ-200 airframe instead of creating a whole new aircraft. The CRJ700/900 can't hold a candle to the E170.
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Sorry to bring this up again, but Atlasjet have ordered 3 of these aircraft. Still abit of life in the order books yet!