Cargolux - OOPS!

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Makes a change from seeing the 747 nose in the air with these mishaps! :D Shanghai.
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Ouch!! More pictures here. -Dazza
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You just know someones getting a nice crisp pink slip
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Ouch! I would hate to see the repair bill! :D

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Wasn't there, wasn't on shift, didn't see a thing, don't work Cargolux, don't know the 747........... Rgds Cking
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She isn't the only 747 to have this kind of mishap! Paul

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Plus more recently, that UA 744. Can't seem to find it.
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Iv,e got a Bottle Jack if needed :diablo:

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A shame nobody put the gear pins in! :dev2:
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I was going to mention the similarities with the EVA Air incident at Heathrow. That's the 747 that brought me back from Bangkok last Easter. :)