A few more shots from LBA (This afternoon Saturday 28/01/06

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Hi guys

I spent The afternoon again up at Leeds/Bradford Airport today. Runway 14 was back in use again so it ment a trip to the Cemetry again. So here's my selection of pohots from a freezeing cold but sunny couple of hours up at LBA.

Jet2.com B737-300 (Red Tail Landing as the Channex 100T)
Jet2.com B737-300 (Red Tail Landing Paris Cdg)
Thomsonfly B737-800 (Landing from Alicante)
Jet2.com B737-300 (Silver Tail Landing from Paris Cdg)
Jet2.com B737-300 (Red Tail Landing as the Channex 457P)
Flybe - Dash8-Q400 (Landing from Exeter)
Astraeus - B737-300 (Landing from Chambery 3 hours late)
klm City Hopper - Fokker 70 (On Turn Around)
klm City Hopper - Fokker 70 (Ready for Take-off back to Amsterdam)
Austrian Arrows - Fokker 70 (Landing from Innsbruck)
Flybe.com - Dash 8-Q400 (Ready to depart back to Exeter)
Thomsonfly - B737-800 (On Turn around for a 14 departure)
Thomsonfly - B737-800 (Ready to Go back to Alicante)
Ryanair.com B737-800 (Dreamliner livery to finish a good days spotting)

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Paul - we are definitly going have to get up one Saturday afternoon!

Very nice shots, Dreamliner was worth it alone!

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We really got an LBA invasion on this forum...

Dreamliner.. you lucky so and so! :eek:

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Nice pics.

Jet2.com B737-300 (Red Tail Landing as the Channex 457P)

Guessing here, but that may have been arriving from EDI? This morning there was 3 Jet2 aircraft on the ground, based CLEZ obviously that sits on the cargo ramp all day, but also TF-ELA? It had a white fuselage with red tail anyway, and another B733 with the red tail. It's possible that TF-ELA was operating for Flyglobespan, but I'm not sure what the other B733 with the red tail was doing here.

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Dreamliner.. you lucky so and so! :eek:

Yes you lucky f..! well we'll just leave it there :D

The only thing that can top seeing it is flying on it!

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Nice pics! :)

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Very nice shots there

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Nice shots! :)

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Great shots there i like the ryanair dreamliner