French air traffic control taking industrial action again

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Hi If you flying this weekend to France or your flying over French air space from Tonight at 1900 until Friday 0600 the french ATC guys are taking industrial action again. So there is a possiability you flights might be delayed or even cancelled. So be warned. Heres the Notice are giving there passengers.
Flight Information has been advised that French air traffic control staff plan to take industrial action from 1900 on Wednesday 1 February until 0600 on Friday 3 February. Although we do anticipate delays and disruption to ALL INTERNATIONAL flights, particularly to and from France and Spain, our advice to passengers is to check-in as normal for your scheduled departure times. We would like to apologise in advance for any inconvenience that may be caused to your travel plans by this industrial action, which is totally beyond our control.
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In future...just post when French Air Traffic Controllers are working, it'll cut the number of threads down :D