Final DUB preperations

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Hey guys, it was a good day out. Bit cold at times, but thank god for the hire car as i needed to have a sleep mid afternoon (poor old sod).

The day made me 15 new frames, so well worth it.

Looking at a mailing list last night, i saw that a private 74SP was in the hangar with the doors open and a pair of Agean 73's were in the same area. I never thought of driving around the back (typical).

Gary and i flew out on DHO and managed to sit in 1A and B thus having a great view of the stewardesses legs. Gary is allededly still sedated in Bolton general.

When climbing out we saw a Star Air B762F on the cargo ramp. Anyone able to identify this frame?

Ok then guys, where next? Cologne should be easy enough for most of you??


Another one who got DHO, ok that makes 4 of us I think who flew on DHO at some point throughout the day! lol When you consider how many B738s FR have in their fleet, for all of use who flew them yesterday to only get about 3 different regs must be quite a co-incidence. ;)

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My goodness Dans grown his hair!

Thats what having a sexy girlfriend does to you....

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I was looking for this thread!

I'd like to join in and also thank everyone for a great day, shame about the weather but it's one of those things. And many thanks again to Andrew (Shamrock) for all of his efforts in ferrying us around.

I shall hopefully have a few photos up tomorrow, I'm trying to edit through a backlog of photos currently.