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Anybody been to or considering going to SHN?,I've been twice in the last year or so and i have to say it was actually worth the 3hr drive from dublin.The movements were almost completely different to what i see at home.I have a few pics from visits,they're not digi pics so please excuse the shocking quality :D

Air Horizons 757-200

Aeroflot 767-300ER

Air France Cargo 747-200F

Air Canada 767-300ER

Ryan International 757-200

American Airlines 757-200

Easyjet A319

Excel Airways 767-200ER

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Great shots there! :D

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Ive never been to SNN with te intention of spotting but with the airport being a huge maintenace hub you can get some great traffic. FR have a base their now so its not as quite as it used to be and it has all the transatlantic flights DUB has so it can be good if you patient.

Im certainly not going to drive down and unfortunatley EI only operate 4 flights a day whic all depart really early but Im sure a trip down on an A330 and a normal bus back must be worth while.

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I've been the once, unfortunatly it was about 2 in the morning, and I was supposed to be working. Luckily those nice people in Airfield Ops managed to get me the details of the shadows in the distance!

Out of those a few were new bits - mainly ATA stuff at the time!