Machine Gun Plane Heist

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From Sky News:

Masked gunmen robbed a "large sum" of cash from a plane on a runaway, police in Sweden said.

The gang made off with crates of foreign currency from the cargo hold of a Scandinavian Airlines jet, at Landvetter airport, near Gothenburg.

Passengers on the flight from London to Sweden looked on as the gang escaped.

Police said the airport had been partially evacuated after a suspicious bag was left at the scene.

It was feared the bag might contain a bomb.

The raid began when two cars, a Volvo and a Jeep Cherokee, smashed through closed gates at the airport in south west, Sweden.

At least five robbers armed with machine guns approached the plane, which was still full of passengers waiting to disembark after a flight from Heathrow.

They confronted luggage handlers as they were unloading crates full of foreign currency from the hold, said Gothenburg police spokeswoman Anna Rosenberg.

She said the gang then made off, leaving a bag on the runway with an "antennae" sticking out of the top.

She said: "Passengers were on the plane and some of the passengers were not even aware that there was a robbery going on.",,30000-1214561,00.html

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I think the insurance premiums for Securitas will be rising after this latest heist! :D

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Was it a BA flight?

From Sky News:

Scandinavian Airlines jet

I'm guessing it was SAS ;)