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Flying BA to Singapore (onward to Cairns). Just wondered what the route is like for any regulars? Any tips? Any comments? Its nearly 10 years since I last flew on a 747 so have they improved at all? I'm only flying Economy after all...
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I've flown BA, LHR to Singapore (and back, obviously). Approx 14 hrs Non-Stop. Couldn't fault the carrier, BA were as good as gold. But the trip is everrrrrrrrrrrrrr sooooooooooooo booooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring. :p 747-400, nice aircraft. I especially liked the "Moving Map", in your individual screen, so you could see where you were at any given time, nice touch. :D
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Again as Pte1643 says it is a long trip, I have flown it 3 times, times varied outbound between 11½hrs to 13hrs, it is about 13hrs - 14hrs on the way back, depends on what service you book will depend on whether alot of the journey is in the dark or not, if you get the late services from Heathrow then it will get light after a few hrs into your trip which will give you something to look at outside if you cannot sleep on planes like me, most amazing thing I saw was when flying over the Afghanistan region, it was the best example of nothingness I have ever seen, and it goes on for miles & miles & miles, but you will enjoy it, get a window seat if possible, if you are going with 2 of you then book the seats at the back of the plane where the plane starts to narrow for the rear pressure balkhead, the seats are 3 wide by the window but get the ones where it immediately changes to 2, don't know the seat numbers offhand without checking, but you will get some space by the window for luggage and enough to swing a leg into for a different posture. Dean