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I will be flying Australian Airlines from Singapore to Cairns and from Cairns to Hong Kong in August. Anyone got any suggestions? Not really heard of Australian a lot so any comments etc?
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They are owned by Qantas, but with Jetstar going long haul, there is a posibility they may close down in a few years time

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I think I am right in saying that their pilots dont wear hats or ties. They dont even wear white shirts. They look like they work in Burger King. Im pretty sure its Australian who dont have a good uniform anyway!

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They are an ancillary of Qantas mainly serving the leisure market. They use Qantas 767's and crew, and the cockpit and cabin crew wear leisure uniforms reflecting the airlines holiday feel

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I flew them a couple of years back. But only on short sectors, from Singapore to Kota Kinabalu (Malaysian Borneo) and then back again. I was very impressed, no difference really between the QF product. If anything, the meals we got on Australian were better than those on QF. One of our flights was even in a QF liveried aircraft, so legroom etc is all the same.