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Hey, Yet another thread of mine today, sorry if i'm cluttering the forum up a bit, but does anyone know anything about Air Europa Express, it was Air Europa's second attempt at inter-island routes in Spain, utilising Bae ATPs (the first attempt with Air Truck using ATR42s) - I cant find any info on how it ended up, any ideas? Additionally, do Air Europa publish schedules of their routes - I dont seem able to find any on their website, if anyone knows their Destinations that will do. Next question, lol, does anyone know how these spanish charters work - I mean do they create the routes then sell tickets to tour operators in bulk, tour operators dictate a route to operate or what? Last Q, whats the prospect for charter operations to Spain in say the next 5-10 years, with the increasing threat from Low Cost operations, whats the future got in store for them, Wozza
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