Qatar Airways new look

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Check out Qatar Airways' new look... I think its pretty good!

According to their website, the new image will roll out on their A340-600IGW this summer.


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It should look like that... ;)

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That's very impressive i must say

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Dont like the QATAR, which, a bit like Singapore's A380 wording is only just visable on the forward fuselage section ;)

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Oooo very nice :D.

Must say is a big improvement over the current livery which is a bit on the dull side at best, really captures your attention.

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Looking better! The enlarged Oryx makes the tail logo a bit better

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The tail looks better but the enlarged titles make it look horrible.

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Very nice , a lot beter than before , could have done something beter with the winglets,

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Looks awful. The tail is slightly better but the large text is not an improvement.

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I think it looks pretty because they haven't spoilt with lots of colour