A few from a warm last-Sunday!

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A random selection (not had time to process any more yet) taken last Sunday, 19th, at Los Angeles:

Shanghai Expo special colours on an A340-600

Alaska 737-700, now with added winglets

Mexicana A318, slow and low

Cathay Pacific 747-400 mixing it with the high-rises

ANA 777-300 - looooooong enough to fit the Star Alliance titles down the side

Vintage Mexican, still going strong


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Excellent shots! Can't wait to pass through LAX in a couple of weeks.

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Excellent stuff Andy! :D

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Nice to see the DC-9 still going strong. :D

Good stuff! :)

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Ver very nice indeed!

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Magic - gotta love the Boeing 777 Pencil!

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Great shots as usual Sir. Very, very nice!


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Glorious shots there, that A346 colour scheme is quite eye catching

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A random selection (not had time to process any more yet) taken last Sunday, 19th, at Los Angeles:
Andy, you gotta let me know when you're in town. I could drive down to LAX so we could have a beer and do some spotting. Nice shots, by the way.