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Just like to know, what is everyone's favourite type of commercial aircraft and why? Mine probably has to be the ATR72-500, Dash 8Q400 and probably the Airbus A330- 300. Oh and possibly the MD-11! No reason though, i just think they are damn good aircraft. :cool:

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Mins has gotta be the A340-600. Anyone who has seen one in the flesh will know why :)

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Airbus A330-200 (-243 in particular) because its such a nice looking aircraft.

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For me its probably the A321 - I just really enjoyed my flights I had on them in the past week :D

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Any airbus model is very pleasing on the eye,they must have got designers from ferrari to help :p ,I also like the 747/777 very much,they remind me of big american muscle cars.

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BOEING 757-200!

Any single day of the week, particularly one's in Jet2 livery like myself and PMN saw in the sunshine today..... Unbelieveably good looking, and a damn good performer as well!

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A close one between the DC-10 and the B757 for me. :)

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Airbus A310.

Fat and out of shape, but one hell of a machine! Would have an A310 over any other plane.

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757 hand down. One of the sleekest looking commercial aircraft in the sky.

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This is going to be hard theres some many aircraft i like but if i have to choose im going to choose 2

The classic plane.

the boeing 707 flown by my grandfather for BOAC and british airways a true pioneer of the avaition industry still going strong today. (sorry about this one guys my grandfather is in hospital i just thought id share it with you)

Modern day.

Its going to be the boeing 747-400 a true legend of an aircraft look great in the air and its doing boeing proud.

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Probably either the 744 or the L-1011, both look so sleek and elegant

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L1011 and 747 classic. Nowadays, I'm rather partial to the 777.

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funny you should say that Airbus has Ferrari's designers! I know of one Aerodynamics Eng who worked for Ferrari F1!!

I do like the 757, but I also like the 340-600, and the 380 also.

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DC-8....it just screams elegance....

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It's a toss between the L1011 and DC-10, either of them do it for me :cool:

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Interesting sme of you love the styling of the Busses. I hate it. Doesn't look well proportioned with a shape drawn and things added later. To me they look very fragile. I can't deny though that the 330 wing under load is beautiful. I love the shape of the 767, particularly the nose section but the 744 looks beautifully proportioned and purposeful. Awesome to see in flight, gear up.

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Just like to know, what is everyone's favourite type of commercial aircraft and why?

Does the Dragon Rapide count?

They still operate with Classic Wings in a paassenger carrying capacity so I feel they should.

A proud owner once took me for a bimble and it was an incredible experience. Sitting in the smart, leather, single seats. Legs stretched out to their fullest extent, watching the ground slip past at a leisurely 110 knots or so it was so redolent of a time when air travel was an adventure rather than an endurance event.

I'll get back to historic now. :)


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Lockheed Constellation, HS Trident 3, Lockheed L-1011 Tristar, Boeing 757-200, Airbus A330-200. :D

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The DC-3.

A beautiful looking aircraft with a real sensation of flying when on board. And just how many 757's, 321's, MD-11's will still be in regular service after 70 years?

Although Moggy's Dragon Rapide may just get a look in after I have taken a flight in one belonging to Air Atlantique's Classic Flight from Halfpenny Green this coming Saturday.



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VC-10 and Comet 2.......

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for me the 757 and 777, i love the 757 because of the sleek design and all flights i have had on them have be great!!!!!

and the 777 because of its huge engines it just scream power,

never really been a fan of airbuses why i dont know....