A few random shots from HKG last month....

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These were all taken near the Cathay Catering Centre...Excuse the quality but the lighting was atrocious that day!!


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Excellent stuff,Chris. Never mind the lighting, well worth taking and very good shots indeed, Love the dragonair A330.

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Great shots Chris, can't wait to go back there!

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Cracking stuff there Chris! Nice to see the Phillipines :) The last shot is a good'un

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Very nice shots! Dragonair looking great!

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Excellent photos.

The EVA Air 747 is really impressive.

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Great shots, particularly like the Malaysia special scheme.

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Excellent photos.

The EVA Air 747 is really impressive.

I agree! The EVA Air is looking great! :)

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Bad lighting? Have you been to LBA lately?!

Actually LBA has been lucky enough to have a few hours of sunshine in the last few weeks!

Great shots there. I really like the Eva Air photo. The 747 is such a great looking aircraft!


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Nice shots, love the Malaysian B777! :)

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Great shots Chris, nice variety for a change