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Does anyone have any details of the Durham Tees Valley-Heathrow route; route flown, gates used, aircraft used etc.?

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bmi have served the route since 1969, making it the longest served from LHR.

The DC-9 was the mainstay of the route for many years. The DC-9s were replaced by Fokker 100s in 1996, and Boeing 737-500s also became a familiar sight on the route. The 737s were transferred to bmibaby a couple of years ago, and the Fokker 100s were recently retired from the fleet, leaving a mix of Airbus A319 / A320s to operate the route.

bmi also have a business class lounge at the airport.

Aviance check in bmi's passengers.

Got that from A.Net. :)

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bmi MME-LHR route is now operated by 3 times daily Weekdays. Flights flights are operated by the LHR based Embrear 145 While the over nighting Flight is operated by the Airbus A319's

Most weekend flights on the MME-LHR route are operated by Embrears as well. Currently bmibaby have two base aircraft at MME. 1 X B737-300 and a B737-500.