World of Wings store to close (AMS).

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The aviation store at the Schiphol Terminal will close effective may 28th. Until that time they will hold a clearance sale, with reduction increasing up to 50% on the day they shut down.

This marks the end of 12 years of WoW at Schiphol. They where there even before the shopping center known as Schiphol Plaza was opened. However, with mounting costs (prime real estate rental) it would seem it is no longer viable to run the store.

As a consolation, the aviation megastore just outside Schiphol will remain open. It is accesible by a 20 minutes bus drive from Schiphol Plaza (line 198, busstop Aalsmeerderbrug).

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Sad news that, every time I pass through AMS I pay it a visit

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That's too bad. I also pass through there any time I'm in AMS, which in my case has been each of the last 4 summers. Hopefully they'll have a bit of stock if I happen to go by there this summer.