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Looking at the CAA provisional stats, it looks like Etihad have done a good job in attracting a largeish amount of passengers with a minimum of advertising: they carried just over 8,000 passengers in April. This compares quite well to the "competing" Gulf area airlines - Qatar had about 12,000 passengers (up 85%) and Emirates about 33,000 passengers (up 23%). No sign of Etihad taking passengers away from the incumbent airlines, then.
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Good news, love seeing the Middle Eastern airline doing well, my favourite types of airlines by far.
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Indeed and their prices are quite competitive too! Hope they start Oceanic services soon, as i might need a cheap NZ fare next year!
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We recently booked our Etihad flights for October to Bangkok, via Abu Dhabi. At a cost of £420 return, they were considerably cheaper than the likes of British Airways, Qatar Airways and Thai and with a stopover, you can't go wrong! The routing is a bit wierd though. We're flying out of Heathrow and arriving back into Gatwick, but I'm happy with that if it means we're getting 3 trips on the amazing looking 777-300ER. Their inflight entertainment and mood lighting in economy looks especially fun. We opted for this routing anyway just so we got an extra 12 hours in Thailand by not flying into Heathrow! Etihad is an airline which has really surprised me. They seemed to have sprung out of nowhere and already have a massive fleet, consisting of very modern aircraft, ranging from A330s to A340s and 777-300ERs, too. And not only that, but they are also taking deliveries of the A380 as well! All that in 2 years? Brilliant! Good luck to them! :)