Debris blamed for jet damage

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The captain of a jet plane which damaged its nose wheel while attempting to land in Aberdeen thinks he may have hit debris.
The light aircraft, with two people on board, eventually landed safely at Glasgow Airport at 2200 GMT where emergency crews had been on stand-by.

The Air Accident Investigation Branch is now looking into the incident involving the Cessna to divert to Glasgow.

The captain and his co-pilot escaped injury. The jet is still at Glasgow where its undercarriage will be fully inspected.

The pilot could not head back to Aberdeen after the incident because of a cross wind

BAA spokesman

The damage is believed to have been caused at about 2100 GMT on Monday as the business jet attempted to land at Aberdeen Airport in high winds.

The pilot of the Cessna Citation was advised to head for Glasgow Airport.

A spokesman for Aberdeen Airport said: "The plane managed to land on all wheels, which was good.

"It seems to have landed quite normally.

"The crew may have had a lucky escape. A full investigation will determine exactly what kind of danger, if any, these crew had been in."

Cross wind

The Cessna had initially been due to spend the night in Aberdeen before being used to transport passengers on Tuesday.

A spokesman for BAA Scottish Airports said the jet had touched the ground at Aberdeen.

However, it took off again within seconds after part of the plane's undercarriage came off.

"The pilot could not head back to Aberdeen after the incident because of a cross wind," said the spokesman.

"He needed a head wind and had clearance to land at Glasgow Airport."

He said experts were assessing the extent of the damage caused to the aircraft.

"As soon as the two crew got off safely an investigation was started to find out exactly what had happened to the plane.

"It will be looked at thoroughly," he said.

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