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Now i'm one of those who have slated BA recently and it's interesting to see bmi putting faith in the regional airports - ok BA HAS TO FLY TO places like Stornaway and the Highlands and Islands airports, but i'm sure they'd drop half of them if they had a chance.

bmi on the otherhand along with eastern have put faith in some smaller neglaected airports - away from the big markets e.g. Norwich (after Eastern showed it's worth) and have always been faithful to teesside. They have also been instrumental in opening routes in a share to Inverness and Dundee with Eastern.

One of the major things i sree tho is the faith they have in markets - Leeds for example has traditionally lost out routes to Manchester, and basically complememted their operation on a local basis, but bmi have showed it can compete and routes ARE been opened.

Now bmi fly from Leeds to: -

Paris CDG

all of which are served over the hill! -

MYT again expanding AND THEIR BASE is at Manchester - there are mumblings of a second based a/c for summer 2004 here as the based is fully utilised and has W pattern support and several foreign based carriers flying on it's behalf, this is opposed to JMC who contract out 10 carriers to do their work - much more benificial for us anoraks tho!

Just thought i'd make a point there!

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