SAS pilots to join Lufthansa

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SAS recently announced they wanted to give 300 pilots the boot, and tomorrow is their final day working for SAS.

Lufthansa is expanding heavily in the future, and is in need of 350 pilots. The company have now agreed with SAS that their pilots should get priorities (is that legal?) when Lufthansa are hiring the new pilots.

The SAS pilots are guaranteed the same wages as they had in SAS, but with taxes much lower in Germany than in Norway, they are looking at quite a good offer.

In other SAS news, reports today say that the company is having trouble with internal competition. There does not appear to be a lot of teamwork between SAS and former Braathens employees. Understandably if you ask me, since Braathens emplyees were backstabbed by their SAS counterparts during the takeover. Secret meetings with the SAS leadership made sure that only Braathens employees would lose their jobs, and i think in total, SAS fired more than 1500 Braathens employees.

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