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Moving away from the one sidesness of the board, I'd like people here to tell us about their best experience whilest flying on their favourite Airline in their country, be it Englishman flying on BMI flights or Aussie Flying on Qantas, just tell us why it was a good flight and what thoughts you had.

For me it was always flying with Ansett when I was in the navy, I used to ask for two of the childrens packs for my daughters (At that time I still didn't know about my son). With QANTAS it was always a struggle, it was as if I was bothering them, but on Ansett flights they couldn't wait to help me out. I know this seems trivial, but my kids are very important to me. Once I had established such a repore with the crew of Ansett that I never had to ask, they always asked me how the kids were and if they needed anything else other than the little books. Mind you some of the female crew might have made good step mothers, but I was never in that frame of mind when flying.

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