Air Transat back at Newcastle?

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I just found on a flight tracker that TSC846 is scheduled for tomorrow, I thought they had dropped Newcastle this year? I looked on the Newcastle timetables and it shows it's operated by a 757, is this the Zoom 757?

Airline Air Transat
Flight Number 846
Departure City (Airport) Toronto, ON, Canada (YYZ)
Departure Time 07/11/2007 07:45 PM
Arrival City (Airport) Newcastle, England, Great Britain (EGNT)
Arrival Time 07/12/2007 07:29 AM
Remaining Flight Time 06:44 (scheduled)
Aircraft Type ------
Current Altitude 0 feet
Current Groundspeed 0 mph
Flight Status Scheduled


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This is operated by Thomas Cook. I think you can buy seats via Air Transat but a/c is 757-200 operated by Thomas Cook. I miss the Transat A310!:)

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Yer, i thought the same thing last week lol. Apparently they got some kind of codeshare going on. Its a TCX 757-200 though.

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I would have liked to have seen the A310 too.

Do OHY operate an A300 @ Newcastle?
It says that they do on the timetables, although ive heard nothing about it?


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Air Transat will be back in Newcastle for summer 2008. Operating 1 x weekly YYZ-NCL-EXT-YYZ using an A310 on behalf of Canadian Affair.

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Is that the exact routing...? If so I wouldnt fancy that- NCL-EXT-YYZ- eek what a treck. Or is it YYZ-NCL-EXT-NCL-YYZ ?
You would think NCL could fill an A310 direct. How many other operators fly to Canada from NCL ?

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Im sure last year Air transat flew direct from NCL to canada with the A310.

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At the moment it's planned as YYZ-NCL-EXT-YYZ (Didn't think A310s could do EXT-YYZ nonstop).
Unfortunatelly GSM seem to be returning to NCL with a weekly YHM flight :(