Rugby Airport???

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Taken from Estates Gazette Interactive;

Report argues against Rugby airport plans
Piers Wehner 23/10/2002 12:45:00

A new airport at Rugby would damage the Midlands' economy, according to a report published by the region's two regional development agencies (RDAs).

The study, commissioned by Advantage West Midlands and East Midlands Development Agency (EMDA), said that the "case for a new airport at Rugby is weak".

An airport at Rugby was one of the options put forward in the government's air transport consultation paper published in July.

In a statement today Alex Stephenson, chairman of Advantage West Midlands, said that the RDA would:

Support expansion at London Airports
Oppose development at Rugby on the grounds that it does not make economic sense
Support East Midlands Airport to become the national air freight hub
Support limited expansion at Birmingham Airport for passenger traffic
Support the role of Manchester Airport in serving the population and businesses in the North of the West Midlands

He added that the Rugby proposals would "move the centre of economic activity away from the majority of population in businesses".

Stephenson said while there are still unanswered questions about the environmental impact of the expansion of Birmingham Airport, retaining and improving it was of paramount importance to the region.

EGi News 23/10/02

Seems to be a case of NIMBYism!! (Not in my back yard!);)

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