Spotting in Madrid

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Someone asked where to make spotting at MAD. Well a more comprehensive description.
-There are works for the new terminal, so things are difficult. But
Runway 36L, hard to get.
-Runway 33. If you don´t have a car, get a bus from Avenida de America (bus station in centre madrid) direction to Madrid-Torrejon-Alcala de Henares. Pay only till "Puente de San Fernando". Get off, cross the motorway over a pedestrian bridge and you´ll ge to a restaurant called "Las Moreras". Follow the planes landing. There are tiny paths in this area.
-Runway 36L, Underground to "Barjas Pueblo" (not airport) and follow the road to Paracuellos until you get to a roundabout. It´s not as spectacular as in the 33 but you´ll get a close look to the airport. And as I told, from terminal T2, there´s a spectator terrace which allows photographing with a zoom.

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