Airliner Air Quality

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I found this on the Sky news website - Comments anyone?

In today's generation of airliners, If I remember correctly, 50% of the air onboard is recycled. This is nowhere near the figures of the previous generation of aircraft, where ALL the air onboard was repolaced with fresh air over a short period of time.

Air Quality Could Affect Airline Passengers

Poor cabin air quality in aircraft could be affecting passengers' health, according to a consumer watchdog.

The Consumers' Association warned there was still a 'worrying lack of research' into onboard health.

But a report in its Holiday Which? magazine claimed airlines were doing little to improve the general conditions onboard.


A number of cases of possible air contamination on BAe 146 aircraft had been reported where crew were said to have fainted.

The report claimed pilots reduced airflow rates in aircraft cabins to save fuel.

Substances banned in the USA are still used in cabin pesticide sprays and, says Holiday Which?, cabin pressures have been set higher than normal.


British Aerospace, now BAE Systems, has taken action, but the magazine reports the problem may still not be solved.

"The failure of the airline industry to respond to repeated warnings around the world about cabin fumes on BAe 146 aircraft doesn't give travellers much faith that their health is being sufficiently looked after," said Holiday Which? editor Patricia Yates.

"Who knows how many other common complaints about cabin air quality will prove to be well-founded."

She added: "Until further research is carried out, and standards are enforced, the uncertainty will continue."

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RE: Airliner Air Quality

i remember a fear a couple of years back with a prob on the BAe146/RJ series - fears for the pilots health due to the arcon or something?

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RE: Airliner Air Quality

Yet another failure of the 146!

Cabin air quality can be really low sometimes, on all airlines and on all aircraft. In fact, cleanliness levels are low accross the board.

It is disgusting to have to sit on a seat which chokes you with dust when you whack it, but it is not that unusual.

I'd suggest a global standard for air purity levels - did you know that prison air quality is more tightly regulated in the US than cabin air quality?