Would someone be able to help me out as i am doing a project on these airports: Newcastle (NCL/EGNT) Toledo Express (TOL/????) Rennes St Jacques (RNS/????) and these airlines: Mesaba (Northwest Airlink:USA) Eastern Airways (UK) Skyways (Sweden)
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RE: Projects For info on Newcastle Airport you could try There should be loads of background on the airport, visiting aircraft, general news, etc. that may help. By the way, you are joking when you say MME is simply the best? It must be the worst airport in the UK for enthusiasts. Nothing ever happens from one week to the next.
RE: Projects Thanks, I already know about that website, if someone could help me out with the airlines then i would appreciate it. Also does anybody know of a website on Rennes ( IN ENGLISH ) , that would be very helpful. Thanks, Scott
RE: Projects You've probably tried this but might tell you somethin, good luck. How come you get to do such good projects?! is it geography ? Ta
RE: Projects Rennes has a website at also features other french airports.
RE: Projects For Skyways try:- (there's also a 4 page article on Skyways in the March edition of Airliner World) Mesaba are at:- Eastern Airways are at:- Rennes St Jacques Airport is also covered in a 4 page article in the current edition (April)of Airliner World.
RE: Projects To Bobby B, It`s not a project that anyone has asked me to do, it is something i thought of myself, and i`m only 10, so i need some help over the net. Thanks, Scott

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RE: Projects Could someone help me out on the registrations of the planes. Thanx, Scott