Liverpool airport.

I have just visited Liverpool airport, and I found it great. Cosy, small, friendy and hassle free. I borded just 15 minnutes before my flight and walked directly to the plane. Why aren´t airports like this. I hate LHR, MAD which is a nightmare and all big ones.

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hi i work in glasgow airport and i do not agree with you london is a good airport as i worked there for many years as a air traffic controller but later moved to glasgow airport were i still am. if you have any other comments about airports then e,mail them to me at
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RE: Liverpool airport.

Well, I don´t critisize LHR, simply It´s too big for me. I have a problem with my knees and walking too much is not fun. I like terminal two probably because it´s familiar to me since from there leaves my IB flight to SCQ where I live. I don´t like terminal one, too overcrowded and a bit cheap. Terminal four it´s ok, but distances are considerable too. What I really enjoy about LHR it´s the spectator area. I tend to go a couple of hours before my flight to stay there for a long time. The shop it´s great....I always run out money soon. I don´t know Glasgow airport, but I think I will visit it soon.