Why arn't Asian airlines as good as European?

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Hi all,
I have seen that people prefer European airlines than Asian. Why dont Asian countries have good airlines. Except SIA, there is no quality airline. Countris like China, India should have good airlines. Japan Airlines is also crap. ANA is a little better. I mean, Asian countries can have as good airlines as BA or KLM etc. CHina has a growing economy it should have a good airline. Russia, dosent have a good airline either.


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RE: Why arn't Asian airlines as good as European?

Well it´s difficult to say. Sometimes people tend to judge the countries airlines according to the general state of the country.
I suppose most people are affraid of flying and think it´s safer flying an european one since the JAA is quite demanding it terms of safety. Don´t praise European airlines so much, they aren´t particularly worse than the ones mentioned. Aeroflot has made big effords to be at the same level to its western counterparts and they are managing it. Flying in China is getting very safe and the quality of sercive is also improving, I don´t have references what airlines are like in India. I flown Indian Airlines and I didn´t like it much. I suppose others private may be better. In Europe service is deteriorating at alarming rates. I think everything is becoming global: service too.