No-Frills Airline For QANTAS?

Hey guys,

I was just wondering what u ppl think about this new plan by QANTAS to start a no-frills International carrier to service the Asian cities that were previously cut by the airline which were too costly.

How do u think other airlines will react with this?

Do u agree with the plans by QANTAS?

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RE: No-Frills Airline For QANTAS?

Hi there,

I think it`s great that a lot of arlines start a "low cost" division,
It wakes up a lot of airlines that simply have ticket prices that are just too high!
Competition is the key word, and I think that in many cases flying is still way too expensive!!!
And now for a name:
easy Qantas???
Qanras asia????

RE: No-Frills Airline For QANTAS?


Qantas is a Great Australian Domestic airline. There service
level is great and the aircraft they fly are mostly modern.
Qantas Long Haul however needs to learn a few things on service ethic. The inflight meals served in Economy long haul are appalling, the crew seems distant to the point of being rude and I fully attribute this to the ever growing mix of nationalities that serve as Long haul cabin crew. Qantas lost sight of the fact that it was Australian a long time ago and chased the Asian Market. The airline made some good profits but continues to neglect many more potential markets. Qantas NEEDS to buy or lease 6 777-200's and Hub then out of Bangkok or Singapore to Amsterdam, Athens, Rome and Madrid. Singapore Airlines and Thai International take away considerable traffic from Qantas to Secondary Eastern European ports.

Qantas was also very very slow to take on board the concept of IFE (Interactive Flight Entertainment) and most surely have lost thousands of customers to SIA over this. I myself have a Singapore and seperate Europe trip coming up in the next few months and have chosen to fly BA, the service is good, the food is more than acceptable and the screen is in front of me, all areas that Qantas losses out on.

Qantas cannot sustain a profit by commencing services under a low cost carrier branding, incidentially any suggestions on a name for the new subsidiary. Qantas would fleet the start up with BAE146 jets, the same aircraft currently subject to a senate enquiry for fume emmissions after dozens of complaints from Cabin and Cockpit crew.

It's time Qantas woke up and realized that Australians will not continue to travel with it just because it's an Aussie carrier.