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What are u all fav. turboprops? I havent travelled in many, i have traveled in ATR 72, Do 280, Dash 8 and Fokker 27. What have u have been travelling?


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Flew in an Aer Lingus Commuter F50 BHX-DUB about 8 years ago. Didn't like it, personally. Too noisy and I don't think they are the most stable aircraft in the world. Not as bad at the ATR-42 though, they are truly awful.

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I love turboprops, very nostalgic. One doesn´t feel like flying, it like getting on a bus. They fly at low alttitudes and one can see everything. I have flown: Saab340, ATR, Fokker50, ATP. Iberia is changing its F50 for the SCQ-BIO route and is introducing the Dash 8 and I am eager to get on them.

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I've only been on Saab 340's and 2000's.
AS to how I feel about them, well, they're planes, but I felt a bit squeezed in in the 340. But, at 6'2", they're hardly designed for my kind of size...

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I've flown on a CRJ, same size (roughly) to an F50, but a lot more fun! Turboprops days are numbered now we have the ERJ-145 and CRJ selling like hot cakes. I for one won't miss the 'props...They are too slow and are painful to watch on climb out, especially if one is departing straight after you've witnessed a DC-10 do an almost 20 degree climb out!

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yes, but thats the fun for me. Not climbing with such an angle. I don´t like taking off and on a prop it makes me forget it.

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I`ve been flying on the vickers viscount,the F27,the ATP,the ATR42,the ATR72,the EMB 110 (bandeirante),
the F-50,Saab 340 and on the hercules.
And I must say that I really love flying on turboprops,they are a total different sensation of flying!
but.........I really don`t care if I fly on a jet or a turboprop,as long as I`m airborne I feel good!!!!!!

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The viscount , is still one of the best turbo props ever flown in ! I have had about 35 -40 flights in them , had a trip on G-APIM back in 1997 from Southend over the city of London and back to Southend (one of the last paxs flights in a viscount) in the UK

just magic !!!

British Air Ferries

just wonderful memories !

The worst turbo flown in , sad to say The Banderantie !!

Air Ecosse from Glasgow to Aberdeen G-CELT

But it was a January and windy.......

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The Viscount is my all time favorite, I flew on a few of them, mainly Northeast Airlines from Leeds-Heathrow during the 70s. G-APEX, G-AOYO, G-AOYL.the thing about the Viscount is, it had huge windows and gave excellent views and of course it sounded smart inside with those darts, but I just loved the sound of a Viscount taking off with a full load, the noise from the darts as it passed over head was music to my ears.
I also flew a Monarch Britannia from Luton to Paris for the 1973 Paris Airshow in G-AOVG, this was a great plane and very quiet inside.
Have flown also in a Dash 7 of Asian Spirit whilst visiting the Philippines, a bit light weight and easily affected by crosswinds.