BA plane crash!

Does anyone here know anything about Tuesday 27th Febuary plane crash. All I know is that a British Airways Shorts 360 went down shortly after take-off at Edinburgh on runway 06. I know that the plane went down at Cramond(the Edinburgh side of the river forth), but that is quite near my house! And I'm going there to watch the planes come in, so does anyone know anything about it?

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The Aircraft was Loganair and not BA.Both pilots were killed and it was a cargo only service.Loganair has a franchise of BA not mainline.

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RE: BA plane crash!

ok, a Loganir Shorts 360, painted in BA colours, was involved in an incident after taking off from Turnhouse yesterday. Two minutes after take off, the crew of two reported engine failure in both engines, the aircraft subsequently crah landed into the Firth of Forth, and both pilots have subsequently been confirmed as dead. The Flight was chartered by Royal Mail, and was carrying only mail. It was bound for Belfast.