Lufthansa to start Newcastle-Dusseldorf service

From 25 March, Lufthansa Cityline will begin a 1 x daily service between Newcastle and Dusseldorf service using CRJ aircraft. The flight will operate in the late afternoon.More details can be found at the Newcastle Airport website.
So how do you think this route will do? Considering the failure of the Hamburg route, do you think this will flop also or become a success. Personally I feel it will be a success.

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RE: Lufthansa to start Newcastle-Dusseldorf service

yeah i read that.
I think it will be a success, and hopefully will continue and give Lufthansa a taste for Newcastle!


RE: Lufthansa to start Newcastle-Dusseldorf service

Well it´s difficult to say. In terms of profitability the CRJ has got a small number of seats. This could make us think that is not difficult to fill it. But operational costs remain high in relation to the size of the plane and this small number of seats could give small income if the fares are low. So to ensure the feasebility of the flight it will require high yield fares and it will depend on the number of business men on the route. I wish it´ll be a success. I know that when an airline gets on a regional airport, this is a reason for hope for many people. Good luck.